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Total Connections Product Range

After several recent updates to our website, we have crowned the home page with a wonderful ensemble photo showing our product range.


product range
The Total Connections product range was spread out on the floor by the photographer and we got to work arranging it into an interesting ensemble. First down was the copper lattice earth mat, followed by the earth bars. The earth bars come in so many shapes and sizes and it was important to give anyone viewing the photograph an idea of the vast range of options that are available. Some are standard whilst some are customised according to the customer’s requirements.
Following the earth bars came the vast range of terminals. It was important that the photo demonstrated the wide range of standard and customised terminals available, as well as the variety of materials that they are manufactured from, whether that be stainless steel, copper, tin plate – you name it. The same can be said of the crimps, which have been arranged in an artistic spread, adding to the impressive nature of the photo.
Following that, the wide range of hand and hydraulic tools, including crimpers and cutters were arranged. It is only when you are composing an image like this that you begin to understand just how many products Total Connections includes in its product range. Beyond that, we arranged the wide range of braids in a variety of materials and sizes. The ensemble, once arranged, failed to include everything that we had brought to the studio – as the product range could not be fully accommodated in the photograph.
However, the easiest way to find out what is available is to contact the Total Connections team in the usual way by clicking here. And given that we offer a bespoke service for the manufacture of specialist and customised products, the actual range of products available is just about infinite. If you haven’t viewed the image yet, click here to visit the home page. And if the older, smaller range photo is what you see, perhaps you need to refresh your cache – by clicking ctrl and F5 keys simultaneously.