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Electrical Connection news – Graphene

The wonder substance, graphene, is appearing in technology news stories on an increasingly frequent basis. Its impact in the world of electrical connection technology continues to grow.     Graphene is one of many allotropes of carbon, and in common with some of the others, it has some very useful qualities. Research into its applications […]

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Pistol Grip Crimp Tool – Product Focus

Total Connections is a UK stockist of quality crimp tools made by Stanley Dubuis. In this article, we feature the pistol grip crimp tool.     It really is a work of art, isn’t it? Designed and manufactured by Stanley Dubuis, this is an essential tool for those installing electrical connections in the UK or […]

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Total Connections Product Range

After several recent updates to our website, we have crowned the home page with a wonderful ensemble photo showing our product range.     The Total Connections product range was spread out on the floor by the photographer and we got to work arranging it into an interesting ensemble. First down was the copper lattice […]

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Infrastructure in 2018

2017 was a year many would wish to forget. But experts suggest that 2018 will be anything but boring for the infrastructure industry.     Infrastructure companies have never been far from the headlines in recent times. The collapse of Carillion has demonstrated that there is fragility in the system, especially in the uncertain climate […]

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Customised Electrical Connections

Customised electrical connections, based upon the needs and specifications of the customer, is the key concern of Total Connections’ bespoke service.     There are many distributors and wholesalers of standardised electrical connections, and Total Connections is proud of its range of standard electrical terminals and earthing equipment. However, for some customers, they require something […]

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CE Compliance for Total Connections Products

Total Connections are often asked whether their products are CE-marked. This article explains why their products do not fall within the scope of CE compliance.     There is often some confusion about what qualifies for CE marking. Products manufactured by Total Connections can only be CE marked if they meet the criteria laid down […]

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Hexagonal Crimp Dies – UK Supplier

Total Connections is a UK supplier of quality hexagonal crimp dies.      Hexagonal crimp dies, like the set pictured, are used in the electrical connections industry to terminate connectors and terminals. They are designed to work with the Total Connections range of mechanical, hydraulic and manual crimping tools. For more information, visit the product […]

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Data Centre Electrical Connections

Data Centre electrical connections – supplied by Total Connections to a number of large data centre operators – has become something of a specialty for the company in 2017. We do not expect 2018 to be any different.     Data centres are big business. Companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google – have all built […]

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Stainless Steel Crimp Terminals

Stainless Steel Crimp Terminals are manufactured by Total Connections as standard or bespoke components for the electrical industry. There are a number of alternative names for these components and we explore some of them here.     You may know them as stainless steel lugs, but that is not the only name they go by. […]

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Bespoke Terminal Manufacturing

Total Connections provide bespoke terminal manufacturing for the electrical connections market. Here we look at the art of what is possible.     Have a look at that terminal in front of the mug. It really is a wonder to behold. Some might suggest that they don’t make terminals like that anymore. Well, for many […]

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