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Pistol Grip Crimp Tool - Product Focus

Total Connections is a UK stockist of quality crimp tools made by Stanley Dubuis. In this article, we feature the pistol grip crimp tool.


pistol grip crimp tool
It really is a work of art, isn’t it? Designed and manufactured by Stanley Dubuis, this is an essential tool for those installing electrical connections in the UK or beyond. It has an ergonomic design, allowing for single-handed hydraulic crimping of connectors across a wide range of diameters.
This hand crimper has been designed to ensure maximum ease of use for the installer. The head is designed to open and close easily and it is fully rotatable to ensure that the pistol grip remains in the most suitable position for the hand – reducing strain on the wrist and the potential for repetitive strain injuries.
This pistol grip crimp tool incorporates a range of features that improves reliability and the accuracy of calibration. It is designed to automatically release when it reaches a pre-set force and it does so with a click that the user can hear without difficulty. The release trigger allows the piston to re-set itself.
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